How to Wash Swiss Gear Backpack?

how to wash swiss gear backpack
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SwissGear is the first name that pops up in the head when we are talking about durable bags. Swiss gear was found in the 1890s, first known to make knives for the swiss army.

They later decided to expand their expertise to watches, bags, etc.

Swiss gear bags are always the top choice for people who like to travel and hike, this is because of the high durability and comfort swiss gear backpacks provide.

The large variety of backpacks will make it hard for you to choose, as all the bags are durable, stylish, and secure.

Where are SwissGear Backpacks Made?

SwissGear 17" Gray Notebook Backpack

SwissGear is more centered towards clothing and luggage accessories after the knives department was bought by Victorinox.

Swiss gear is owned by Wenger SA, which was one of the two companies that made knives.

It is situated in Delemont, Switzerland which is considered to be the headquarters.

The watches and backpacks are made by Wenger and are deployed under the name of swiss gear.

Most of the backpack product lines are produced in China and then shipped to different countries worldwide.

Are Swiss Gear Backpacks Waterproof and Water-resistant?

Water resistance and waterproof are similar terms often confusing the customers.

The water-resistant backpacks will repel the water from getting inside the bag keeping your valuables safe under light rain or splashes of water, in case of heavy rainfall the bag will not be able to seal the contents inside.

Waterproof backpacks will keep the insides dry even if you dunk the bag in a pool of water or soak it.

Swiss gear backpacks are made from a poly blend that gives the bags durability they are famous for.

This poly blend makes them water-resistant.

Swiss gear bags are not waterproof, but they will keep the material inside dry and safe under light rainfall and water splashes.

If you live in an area with very heavy rainy conditions or work at a place like a swimming pool or a beach the bag will not be able to keep your belongings safe if soaked in water.

You can buy universal rain cover to keep your stuff extra safe.

This rain cover can resist water of 2000mpa hydraulic pressure rate.

It comes with features strap around middle of bag that is excellent to secure in wind.

This raincover has durable Dual-layer design, the exterior layer adopts wear-resistant Nylon to avoid scratching and dirt.

The second, inner layer adopts waterproof coating that avoid rain and snow.

Are all Jansport backpacks water- resistant? Get to know here.

Can You Wash Swiss Gear Backpack?

Swiss backpacks are mostly bought by people that love to travel and use the bag in rough conditions.

Your bag can get stains and get dirty very easily under these circumstances, and it becomes important to clean your bag once in a while.

You can clean your Swiss gear backpacks like other bags by washing them.

You can remove the stains by wetting a clean cloth with lukewarm water and rubbing it gently on the stain.

If the stains are deep you can use a mild soap with no chemicals that can harm the quality and the color of the bag.

Can You Wash a Swiss Gear Backpack in the Washing Machine?

You might make quick plans for traveling or going somewhere anytime, and under these conditions washing your backpack with hands can be very time-consuming.

Cleaning bags with hands takes a lot of effort and time.

Most Swiss gear bags are made from nylon, which can be washed in a washing machine.

If your bag is made from leather you should avoid washing the bag, it can damage the leather and will lose the texture when placed in sunlight to dry.

Check if your bag has leather trims or linings before washing, if it does you should not put the bag in a washing machine, it can damage the leather which helps in water resistance.

If you have a laundry bag put the bag in it and then place it in the machine, the zippers and straps of the bag can get stuck in the washing machine delaying the process or eventually damaging the bag.

Can You Put a Swiss Gear Backpack in the Dryer?

Drying takes the most time when it comes to cleaning your backpack.

After you have taken your bag out of the washing machine or done cleansing it with your hands you should leave it in the open air to dry.

It is not advised to put your backpack in any dryer.

Backpacks can get damaged in a dryer as the fabric might lose color and quality.

Let your backpack dry naturally, avoid dryers or even any direct sources of heat like heaters, this can cause the fabric to crinkle up and your bag can lose its original shape.

The foam present in the shoulder straps can get damaged from direct heat.

Leave the bag to air dry upside down with all the zips and compartments open, the accumulated water in the corners and pockets will drain out and the odor of the detergent will also decrease.

How to Wash Swiss Gear Backpack?

It is very important to clean your bag according to the given precautions.

Most people try to clean their bags without following any steps decreasing the life span and durability of the bag.

The fabric of the bag can get damaged if you are careless, strong detergents can crinkle the fabric and affect the color of the design.

That is why bleaches and detergents with strong chemicals are not favored when it comes to cleaning your Swiss gear backpack.

You can follow the below-given steps if you want to clean your bag with hands or machine:

Hand washing 

1.First, you have to clear out any contents and remains in the bag.

Check each partition and pocket for residuals like tissues, papers, cardboard, etc.

You can use a mini vacuum to clean the insides of any dust and small crumbs. Clear the dust from corners using a cloth.

2.Take lukewarm water in a bowl; not too warm.

You can use a soap or detergent that doesn’t contain any strong chemicals or bleach as it can damage the fabric.

For stains, you can use a stain remover, apply it on stains and leave for 20 minutes.

3. Take a clean cloth and wet it with water and soap.

Now gently scrub the bag. Avoid any leather trims and linings

4. Leave the bag for 10 minutes and then take a bowl of cool water.

5. Dip a clean cloth in cool water and rinse off the soap from the bag slowly and gently.

6. After you have cleaned the bag from inside and outside it is time to let it dry.

Do not use any kind of heater or dryer.

Hang your bag upside down and let it air dry.

You can place towels inside the bag so that the excess water gets absorbed by the towels and the shape of the bag remains intact.

Machine wash 

1.First check for any leather trims and linings in your bag, if your bag has leather you should not put it in the washing machine and go for hand washing instead.

2. Clean the insides of the bag for any residues of tissues or paper as they can make a mess after the bag has been washed.

Paper and tissues can dissociate and make a mess inside the bag which can be hard to clean so thoroughly empty the insides.

3. Place the bag inside a laundry bag if you have any, this stops the zippers and straps of the bag from getting stuck in the machine’s rim.

4. Always use cold water for washing your backpack, warm water can damage the fabric and quality of the bag.

5. Do not use a strong detergent, add a small amount of normal detergent and leave the bag inside for 2 3 cycles.

Check on your bag after 1 cycle because it can get jumbled up, stop the machine and spread it if it does so the cleaning is done thoroughly.

6. After the cleaning has been done take your bag out for air drying, do not use a dryer.

The dryer’s heat can damage the fabric of the bag and can melt the plastic ruining the looks.

7. Clean the insides of the bag using a towel and then hang the bag upside down and leave it to air dry.


Swiss gear bags are one of the biggest names in the backpack industry.

They got their name because of the quality and the durability their bags have.

Travelers and hikers prefer the bags the most due to their safety, comfort, and water resistance combined with the highest quality.

Always take precautions when it comes to cleaning your backpack.

Follow the mentioned steps for the best results and avoid using any kind of dryers and direct heating sources, this can damage your bag and decrease the looks and appeal of it.

If you are a frequent traveler and need a bag for the rough environment you work in, Swiss gear backpacks can be a good choice for you.


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