How to Clean and Care for Chanel Lambskin Bag?

how to clean chanel lambskin bag
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I know you are here because you have a Chanel lambskin bag and you are looking for ways how to clean this Chanel lambskin bag?

As you know Chanel is a luxury brand. The Chanel Lambskin bag is well known for its soft and delicate nature.

Cleaning of this bag should be done carefully without hurting the natural suppleness and softness of the bag.

So, today I am going to share with you some tips and tricks about cleaning Chanel lambskin bag.

Here we go!

About Chanel Lambskin Bag

Before going to know the cleaning process you should know essentials about Chanel lambskin leather.

Generally, lambskin leather is used for high- priced or luxury items. It is mostly used for small leather items, jackets, and handbags.

Lambskin leather is very lightweight, soft, and supple. It gives Chanel bag the most luxurious appearance.

It is a buttery smooth feeling of lambskin leather that makes it distinct from other leathers.

Though Chanel Lambskin is delicate than other Channel leathers, it is the first choice for most of the buyers.

Because Chanel offers a wide range of beautiful, rich, and vibrant colors and they release varieties of beautiful seasonal colors.

You just need to be aware of your surroundings and environment while using this Lambskin bag.

How to Care for Chanel Lambskin bag?

chanel bag cleaning

Use Handbag leather protector

As you all know, Chanel lambskin is delicate in nature, it needs special care.

For protecting your lovely bag, you can use a handbag leather protector.

It will protect your bag from dye transfer and any other liquid staining. It also protects your bag from day to day dirt.

For this, you can also use Dermo Protect, especially for Chanel lambskin leather bag.

It protects the leather as well as hydrate the bag at the same time. This protects your bag from body oil, grease, dye transfer, liquid staining, etc.

Use makeup bag

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 If you want to carry your make up essentials in your bag, it is good to store it in a make-up bag and then place in your handbag.

It will protect your bag from annoying spilling of make-up essentials in your handbag and thus saves the interior of the handbag or purse.

Apply anti-bacterial cleanse

Many studies show that your handbag carries as many germs or bacteria as the toilet. It means carrying these microbes leads to make you sick all day long.

So, to avoid this risk you can apply anti-bacterial cleanse to kill the germs and bacteria on the bag.

Use dust cover for storage

You can also store your Chanel bag in the dust cover when it is not in use or you are not going out.

It protects your bag ruining from sunlight. This also keeps your bag dirt and dust-free.

Pad with tissue paper

While storing the Chanel bag, pad it with tissue paper to keep in its perfect shape.

Be careful that chains should not get contacted with outside leather of the bag as this will lead to marking the leather.

You can simply keep them inside the bag covered with tissue paper.

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How to Clean Chanel Lambskin Bag?

Face cleansing wipes

You can simply use face cleansing wipes to clean out your Chanel lambskin bag.

You just need to wipe down the bag with facial cleansing wipes. But be aware that while wiping down, don’t apply so much pressure.

Wipe down gently with the wipes. Allow it to dry.

Wipe won’t remove the color of the bag but take away dirt and dust.

Be sure, never to use wipes containing alcohol as it ruins the color of the leather.

Use baby wipes

As you know lambskin is delicate leather used by Chanel. So, you can also use baby wipes gently to clean your bag.

For this, it is good to apply to a small area at the backside of the purse. So, you will get to know this will work or not.

So, wipe down gently in one direction. Change the wipes often.

You can also use this method for cleaning the interior of the bag to eliminate dirt, and dust.

But don’t invert your bag for cleaning the interior of the bag. You can make use of lint roller and tweezers for interior cleaning.

Talcum powder for oil stains

Applying talcum powder won’t ruin your Chanel bag anyway. You can use talcum powder for getting rid of oil stains on the bag.

Simply put the talcum powder on the bag stain. Let allow to leave for quite a few days.

Repeat this process as per your requirement.

Although problem persist even after applying for several days, consult with handbag spa professionals.

Shining Monkey fabric protector

As per the Purse forum, Shining Monkey fabric protector is effective for unwanted spills, stains, dirt and protection from rainwater. This will protect the bag and makes it waterproof.

Before applying on the entire bag, apply it at the hidden corner of the bag and make sure that it won’t damage or ruin the fabric.

Apply multiple layers of the spray if needed and leave it overnight.

After applying this, the leather will be darkened for some time but after a few minutes, it gets dried. Then it looks like nothing is applied on the bag leather.

The application of the Shining Monkey fabric protector doesn’t change the color of the leather.

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How to Fix scratches on Chanel Lambskin Bag?

Natural Oil

Lambskin is leather that needs oil like other leather for conditioning. So, natural oil can help to minimize scratches.

You can apply natural oil to prevent scratches on the lambskin bag.

Take a cotton bud and rub it against the forehead softly. Buff the scratch contrary direction of the scratch. Or you can also gently rub natural oil with a finger. Repeat this process as needed.

Body lotion

Using body lotion is another way to minimize scratch on lambskin leather.

You can use Nivea thick body cream. Take a little bit of lotion and gently rub on the scratch area. Repeat the process as per your need.

How to Clean the Hardware On Your Chanel Bag?

The iconic part of the Chanel bag is its ‘CC’ logo and lock which you see on its almost all bags.

It has also a chain shoulder strap which is the metal part of the bag.

It is also necessary to care for the hardware of the bag which may oxidize or get dust over a period of time. So, you have to take extra care of the bag hardware.

For cleaning the bag hardware, you can use baby wipes. You just need to wipe down the hardware.

If the hardware gets oxidized, you can try a small amount of Brasso on a Q-tip to clean the metal surface.

While using Brasso be careful as it may stain bags leather is contacted with bag surrounding.

For some Chanel bags, the metal part of the bag glided with an alloy. It contains 24-carat gold. It is sensitive to sea air and skin acidity or chances to wear off.

You can re-glide the metal parts. You need to ask to Chanel boutique to estimate spending on it.

Finally, you would feel that the cleaning process of the Chanel lambskin bag is time-consuming and tedious, but as this is a bag with a luxury brand you need just little extra care to upkeep for your favorite bag.

The cleaning process may seem daunting at first, but you can always ask us questions when it comes to your favorite luxury brands and their upkeep!

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