Are Kipling Backpacks Waterproof? (Complete Guide)

are Kipling backpacks waterproof
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Kipling came into existence in 1987 by 3 entrepreneurs in Europe.

This company was a success because of its policies and priorities.

Quality was the top priority and was the biggest factor for success.

New design and styles combined with quality allowed people to express and show themselves as they wish.

Kipling is known as one of the best bag brands globally.

The crinkle nylon used to make these bags makes the bag stand out from others, the sharp color and patterns add more to the quality and catchiness.

What are Kipling Backpacks Made Of?

Kipling was founded in Belgium, one of the fashion capitals.

It was very hard to establish a company from scratch having big and reputable names in the competition.

Kipling targeted the young customers that couldn’t afford the expensive choices.

Kipling overcame this challenge by using crinkled nylon material.

This allowed Kipling to make bags at affordable rates while keeping the quality and design top-notch.

Crinkled nylon allowed the bags to come in different colors and designs, people could choose colors and designs with which they could express their desires.

People could now choose from different varieties from Kipling, which wasn’t available in other companies; leading them to success.

The Crinkled Nylon became the signature of the company.

The bags are known for this fabric and are identified easily because of it.

To this date, classic Kipling bags are known for the crippled nylon, although there are other categories like leather in the catalog now.

Are Kipling Backpacks Durable?

Durability is very important when it comes to bags, especially when you want to use the bag for traveling and rough usages like school or college.

Kipling bags handle these situations perfectly.

The bags are made from high-quality fabric.

All the materials used in the making of the bag are of the highest quality, making the bag bear almost any condition.

Most bags are also water repellent to keep your valuables safe from getting damaged.

The nylon bags and the leather ones are made with quality as the top priority and so far, Kipling has been successful in achieving that.

Are Kipling Backpacks Water-resistant?

Water-resistance is important if you want to keep your valuables dry, especially in winters.

Most of the stuff gets wet during rain or any water splash, defeating the purpose of a backpack.

If you live in a rainy area or work in wet conditions like a beach or swimming pool, water-resistance becomes an important factor for your backpack to have.

Kipling bags are water-resistant.

Most people confuse water resistance and waterproofing.

Water-resistant bags repel water from the surface, in case of excess water the bag will not be able to repel water and the insides will get wet, whereas waterproofing can hold water even if it is submerged in water.

Kipling bags are water-resistant due to their fabric.

The bag is made from crippled nylon and a layer of polyester.

The coating of polyester stops the water splashes or raindrops from affecting the stuff you have kept inside.

In case you keep the bag exposed under heavy rainfall or excessive water the polyester will not be able to stop the water and allow it to reach the insides.

If you want to go for a waterproof option you can select the bag from the waterproof edition bags of Kipling.

Are Kipling Backpacks Waterproof?

Most Kipling backpacks are water-resistant.

Many customers mistake it for waterproofing when in reality these are different things.

Water-resistant bags can handle water splashes and a small amount of water by repelling it from the surface, under heavy water access the water-resistant bags will not keep the materials inside the bag safe from getting wet.

Waterproof bags keep the water out even when they are submerged.

Kipling bags are made so that most people can afford them, for that they use nylon and polyester coating to make them durable and the coating water-resistant.

This shows that Kipling Backpacks are not waterproof but water-resistant.

To make the bags waterproof expensive materials need to be used which will increase the prices and Kipling targets customers that can afford bags at a low cost.

Waterproof bags cannot come in varieties like the current bags in different colors and designs.

Kipling only deals with bags made from the water-resistant polyester coating.

You can wash them with a slightly wet cloth.

Most bags can be washed in a washing machine, it is advised not to soak your bag in water or bleach.

Some leather collection bags are also prohibited from water and direct sunlight.

Small splashes of water and light rain will not affect your bag pack at all.

When we dig down and look at the material of Kipling bags, nylon, at a molecular level, it’s easy to find out that nylon is hygroscopic.

Being hygroscopic means that it absorbs water and the material is not waterproof per say.

There are a lot of techniques that you can use to make these bags waterproof like adding an extra layer water-resistant coating over it.

In addition to this, you can also improve the bag’s resistance by tightening the weave of its fabric. Apart from tightening the weave, you can even try increasing its weight.

Such techniques will not only improve the overall quality of your Kipling Bag’s nylon but also reduce the amount of water passing through its fabric when it’s in a wet condition.

Best Water-resistant Kipling Backpack

Kipling Alcatraz Backpack

Kipling Luggage Alcatraz Wheeled Backpack with Laptop Protection, Black, One Size

This Kipling Luggage Alcatraz Solid Wheeled Backpack comes with its brand’s signature material that is crinkle nylon.

It is lightweight and water-resistant backpack. The material is tough, sturdy and resistant to tear.

If it got stains on it, the satins can be easily wiped off with damp cloth before it drying out. Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided to long lasting color.

This Kipling backpack is a rolling pack that can hold fitting 15 inch PC and more. You can Use as a school or office case.

It comes with firm structure with roomy internal space. It has wheels that allows you effortless mobility.

Where to Buy Kipling Backpacks?

Kipling became one of the biggest bag sellers globally soon after their establishment.

The high quality and affordable bags are in demand by a lot of people because of their unique colors and designs, unlike other big brands.

You can get your Kipling bag from their official online store.

Different varieties and categories of bags are available in the store.

They offer free deliveries to different regions. You can check if they ship to your region or not.

If you do not want to use their official website you can use Amazon or eBay to get the bags too.


Kipling bags changed the game for the other bag companies because this company attracted more customers due to their high quality at affordable prices.

Not just the price and quality, design and colors played a major factor in the success.

The nylon material allows the bags to have diverse colors and designs, giving them an edge over the other companies as they do not offer such bags in these price brackets.

If you want a fancy and trendy looking backpack that also offers water resistance, is of high quality, and affordable, Kipling should be the brand for you.

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