Are All JanSport Backpacks Water-Resistant?

are all JanSport backpacks water-resistant
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No matter what you are carrying in your backpack, whether it is a phone, camera, cash, tickets, or any documents, you definitely don’t want to turn your things drenched due to unexpected rain.

For protecting your valuable things, you’ll need at least a water-resistant backpack.

If you are a fan of the JanSport backpack, want to buy a new one as well as you’ll want to make sure it will protect your things from a rainstorm, you need a water-resistant backpack.

But did you know, are all JanSport backpacks are water-resistant?

Then I would say, No. All JanSport backpacks are not water-resistant and waterproof.

But some of JanSport backpacks are performed very well as water-resistant.

These water-resistant backpacks can keep your things dry in a drizzle.

Here you’ll get to know JanSport Backpack and its water-resistant properties.

What is a Waterproof Backpack?

If the backpack is labeled as “waterproof”, it means, it can entirely submerge into the water and the waterproof properties don’t allow getting moisture inside the bag.

These backpacks are made specially to withstand extreme conditions like the heaviest rainstorm and downpours.

It also ensures, your stuff in your backpack is safe and dry though.

The water-proof backpacks are fully made with water-proof materials.

The fabric of the backpack is waterproof. The zipper and welded seams are also waterproof.

Buying water-proof backpacks have a great ability to save your stuff from water than water-resistant backpacks.

Some other backpacks could resist long periods of time being submerged underwater.

They are different from just waterproof backpacks. They are known as a “Fully Submersible Dry Bag”.

There are a few brands that manufactures this type of backpacks. They are usually used for outdoor activities.

But they aren’t ideal for daily carry since they are typically activity specific like fishing, boating, surfing.

The Downside of Waterproof Backpack

Producing water proof backpacks that keep your things dry when you submerge the bag into the water is a huge challenge.

Creating a waterproof backpack, designers have very few options. Each material should pass a submersion test.

The components should be assembled in a suitable way that doesn’t create holes.

In the standard procedure of sewing backpack, sewing the fabric creates holes through which water can leak through every stitch.

These holes are too tiny will adversely affect the performance if you submerge a backpack in a lake or water.

Some manufacturer produces waterproof backpacks with welding thermoplastics.

Welding thermoplastics means melting two pieces of fabric altogether by applying ultrasonic sound waves.

This is an expensive process to produce a backpack and needs a specific fabric.

All kinds of fabric can’t be welded. So, it creates a limitation in the choice of fabric.

It also creates a limitation in designs than sewn backpacks due to welding. They are much simpler than sewn backpacks.

So, you have to sacrifice the aesthetics and functionality with these waterproof backpacks. It would not be the right choice for a travel backpack.

The waterproof backpacks are a great choice for kayaking down the river, or you can walk through a waterfall, but they create limitations in design, material, overall aesthetics which make them imperfect for most travel use.

Are All JanSport Backpacks Water-Resistant?

Did you know, what is water resistant backpack?

The water-resistant backpack just keeps your things dry in a drizzle. In some cases, it performs well in a downpour.

If you would ask about particularly JanSport backpack, whether all JanSport backpacks are water resistant?

Then I would say, no.

All JanSport backpacks are not water-resistant. But some particular JanSport backpacks have water-resistant property.

So, if you are looking for water-resistant JanSport backpack, check whether it is water-resistant or not.

How Do I Know If My JanSport Backpack is Water-resistant?

There are some simple clues from which you can recognize the backpack if is water-resistant or not.

You can get this clue from zipper and fabric.

If you notice a coated zipper on a JanSport backpack, it means the backpack will perform great in rain.

The Coated zippers keep water out of the bag and keep the inside stuff dry as zippers are full of holes through which water can seep inside.

Fabric is a little trickier to assure the water-resistant properties.

The water-resistant fabric is tightly woven nylons with a strong water resistant (DWR) coating which is applied to the back.

Even though they are tightly woven, it will have holes through which water can leak.

You will face this issue with the cheaper fabric having a coating to prevent moisture.

This coating will perform great for a few days but it will rub away over period of time.

Sailcloth is a higher quality fabric that has multiple layers to prevent moisture.

It also saves the coatings from wearing off.

As the name indicates, sailcloth was formerly used for the sails of racing boats.

It is produced to withstand extreme conditions.

Sailcloth is a premium fabric choice that allows for maximum performance and durability.

So, you should check the label, “Sailcloth” or multiple waterproof layers in a backpack’s fabric.

You’ll get the clue that it is a water-resistant backpack.

So, you should get a backpack with higher quality fabric. And yes, for this you can choose the JanSport backpack with sailcloth fabric.

JanSport Tahoma is one of the best water-resistant backpack. JanSport is the first company to incorporate the Sailcloth material.

This fabric is tough and bit stiff that perfect for a water-resistant backpack.

It is waterproof enough that you need not to worry about moisture leaking through.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that all JanSport backpacks are not water-resistant.

If you are looking for a particularly water-resistant JanSport backpack, make sure it has water-resistant property.

They work fine to save your stuff in a backpack in a drizzle.

But keep in mind, they could not resist long periods of time being submerged underwater.

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